Personal Annual Report 2013

For those of you just looking for the actual report, you can find it right here.

Numbers are great! I think we can all agree on that. But I think they have even greater value if they give you insight into something.

Astounded by the endless reports from Nicolas Feltron, the packed article from Stephen Wolfram and especially the eye-opening reports of Jehiah Czebotar, I decided to publish my own Personal Annual Report.

Even though my first tracking attempts were as late as September, I'm quite pleased with the results. Following Jehiah's example I've been mostly tracking computer activity (especially web-usage).

The things I'm tracking include: currently active application, open applications, URL of the frontmost tab, number of open tabs, etc. But beyond that I'm hoping that for this year's (2014) report I can include more things.

Technical Details

Although the actual report looks fine, I'm not happy with the data collection mechanism. Basically every 15 seconds an activity logging script is run, via cron, which collects data and then writes it to a file. Though there are a number of problems with this implementation. For example, when trying to aggregate the data (in Python) there are numerous occasions where a log file is corrupted and I have no idea why this is. Also running these script (currently written in a mix of Shell and Applescript) is quite slow.

So to solve these problems I've set myself the task to rewrite (and extend) the data collection/aggregation mechanisms.

Feedback and ideas appreciated

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