Joseph Adams

#Blog Posts

Introducing a new Baby emulator written in Go.

Looking into the functional world with Haskell.

Experiment to find a better way to track pageview times with Google Analytics.

Finding a way to store non-RFC compliant in the default Go cookiejar.

Endeavour into the Github contributions streak trend.

Video of my lightning talk at FOSDEM 2014 about Gisp.

My first endeavour into self-tracking and personal analytics.

An approach to collecting the complete HackerNews database explained.

A quick programming exercise, featuring the MapReduce functionality of Javascript.

Inspired by "Letter Sweep" and "My Browser A-Z", thought it'd be interesting writing up my own.

Implementing an algorithm for generating Ulam spirals in Javascript.

A short intro to getting a simple CodeMirror demo up and running.

Extends the audio visualizer built in part one.

Looks into creating a simple audio visualizer, which is extended in the second part.

Introduction to shared variables and Node.js source. Second part of V8 series.

Looks into the basics of programming with V8 & C++. First part of V8 series.

Short sample of pulling data in from content providers.

A brief overview of how public/private key encryption actually work.


Lisp/Clojure-esque to Go compiler. Started out as a simple (macro-supporting) interpreter, though then the backend was rewitten to compile to Go. With that macro support was also dropped.
(Also presented at #FOSEM 2014)

GoWikipedia Analyser
Project from Young-Rewired-State 2013. Analyses Wikipedia articles' structure and lex to find places they need to be improved, using a neural network and a ngram model with Good-Turing smoothing.

JavascriptUlam Spirals Algorithm
An algorithm for generating Ulam Spirals, read the corresponding blog post here.

A Ruby library for scraping data off HackerNews.

JavascriptNews Recommendr
Project from Young-Rewired-State 2012. It scrapes news sites and builds a model based on your interests, using a Bayesian Filter.

RubySwing for JRuby
Some Ruby classes to utilize Java's Swing Toolkit, for educational purposes.

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